Nine Player Sg Strategy

Nine player sit and go tournaments at TitanPoker are still the most popular tournament style played online in the online poker rooms. The top three players win money in these tournaments which is a 33% chance of winning money and is one of the best percentages of winning money in a poker tournament apart from double-up tournaments. When you’re playing in a nine player sit and go tournament you need to change your strategy up a little bit because it isn’t the same as playing a cash game.

* In a sit and go tournament you need patience as your number one skill. There will be hands which look good like top two pairs or something similar, but it’s these big folds which could save you your tournament. If a player is all-in and you have a gut feeling that the player has you beat then go with that feeling because it will be right 80% of the time. You don’t want to throw away your tournament when you feel you’re beat so be willing to fold your hand if you don’t feel like it’s the best.

* The early stage of a sit and go tournament on Absolute Poker of this size is the best time to play hands and try to make something. The blinds are low and you should be able to see a lot of flops for cheap so when you have connectors or suited cards play them in the early stages in case you hit a straight or flush. If you don’t hit anything then you can fold after the flop and it won’t cost you many chips, but if it hits it can pay off huge so it’s worth playing a lot of hands early.

* When the blinds start going up you need to start limiting the amount of hands you play because you won’t be able to keep giving away $50-$100 in chips for blinds to try and hit. You’ll need to wait for your premium hands when the blinds are up and you’ll also need to work in a couple bluffs to keep up with the chip leaders.

* If you’re the chip leader in the game don’t feel that you need to be the one to make the small stacks go all-in by raising every pot. If you lose the hand then you’re going to risk your lead and there is no reason to do anything risky like that until there is only three players left in the tournament. Keep your chips and ever once in awhile raise the middle stacks blinds and steal them so you aren’t losing your blinds every time around the table.

* In order to make money playing these tournaments on Ultimate Bet Poker you need to be fairly consistent and cash at least once every three times. If you don’t then you aren’t going to be a winning player so you need to play consistently and if you start losing you need to take a break and regroup. It happens to the best of poker players and you can’t continue losing when you’re not confident in your game.