Low Stakes Nl Texas Holdem Strategy

Most poker players at Full Tilt will find themselves playing low limit tables such as $1/$2 poker games. I feel that it’s important for poker players to understand that there should be differences in your strategy based on what limits you’re playing on. When you’re playing on a low stakes Holdem table there will be some things you can get away with that you wouldn’t on high stakes tables as well as vice versa. Today we’re going to look at some strategy you can implement into your poker game to assist you at owning the low limit Holdem tables next time you play online or at the casino.

* A lot of poker players at the low limit tables are beginners to the game of poker and thus won’t be ready to make the big decisions. You can steal a lot of pots on the low limit tables and although they won’t be for too much if you steal enough of them it’ll add up. You also need to know when you’re beat though and generally if someone calls your bet you should fold unless you have a hand this time, but if you’re just stealing the pot don’t keep chasing and firing out bullets.

* You’ll be able to open up your hand selection when playing on low limit tables as well because the blinds are so low it’s worth calling some marginal hands in hopes of hitting. If you have suited connectors then you have quite a few options that you could hit to make your hand so it’s worth calling the $2 to see if you can hit a flush or straight.

* When an opponent is betting out big in a Texas Holdem game then they most likely have a hand and are just trying to make it look like a bluff. This is especially true if the opponent in question isn’t known to steal pots and bluff pots. This is why it’s important to watch how your opponents are playing. You need to be able to determine who bluffs and who doesn’t so you’ll have a better shot at determining whether or not you’re being bluffed.

* If you have a premium starting hand then you need to play it that way in low limit poker or else you’re asking for trouble. You need to raise the pot to at least three times the big blind so that you get all the garbage hands out of the way. Most of the time you’ll get at least two callers on such a small raise and you won’t need to worry about as many opponents. When you slow play big hands and the board is all low you could lose to the small or big blind easily to a straight or two pair.

* You’ll want to be willing to chase high straights and flushes on the FullTiltPoker.net Download website when you can on low limit tables and this is probably where you’ll make most of your money. If you hit the draw on the river you’ll usually get paid off nicely and on low limit tables you should be able to keep the pot low enough to make it worth chasing the flush.