Every single online casino, including Golden Casino, has a bonus program for there players and the reason they all give out bonuses to new players is because they want to retain you as a loyal customer. By offering you with a bonus they are welcoming you to there community and wishing that you make it a long stay. Now some of the online casinos use different bonus structures and although they all are beneficial it’s important to be able to decipher between the bonuses. We’re going to take a look at the different online bonuses that are offered by the online casinos out there.

  • The most common bonus structure is the sign-up bonus or welcome bonus which is simply a match bonus of your first deposit. The size of the bonus will be dependant of the casino you choose so ideally you want to shop around and find an online casino which offers the biggest sign-up bonus. Typically you’ll receive this bonus when you make your deposit, but before you can withdraw the bonus you need to play through the requirements set forth by the casino that you’re playing in.
  • The next bonus we’ll look at is the no deposit bonus which is very common nowadays and it seems all new online casinos offer this bonus. A no deposit bonus is a bonus given to players who register an account so that they can test out the games will a small amount of real money. Every casino will have requirements which you need to meet before you’re able to move the money you win into your real money account. You’ll also usually need to make a deposit into the casino if you would like to keep the money you have earned while playing.
  • Recently with the competition becoming stiffer at Golden Palace some of the online casinos have started offering lifetime bonus programs for new players. These bonus programs allow the player to receive match bonuses on every deposit they make into the online casino. The match bonus isn’t typically a full 100%, but you’d be surprised what type of bonuses are out there and you should keep you eyes open for this type of bonus structure. The plan isn’t to be depositing much when you gamble online, but it’s still the best bonus program out there because you’ll no doubt be depositing more then once in your lifetime.
  • Some online casinos have special bonuses which differ based on the casino. Some casinos will offer a percentage of your deposit as a bonus if you use certain payment methods to send your deposit. Certain payment options like NetTeller and Moneybookers will often get you a bonus on your deposit of 10-30%. Not all online casinos offer this type of bonus, but if you find a casino which does and you like the casino then it’s just more money in your pocket which isn’t something you should complain about.

As you can see online casinos offer players a lot of perks in order to try and get them to become loyal players to that casino. Shop around and make sure you find the best bonus program out there for you, I’m sure you’ll be able too find something in no time.