Craps Tips

Craps is one of the more popular casino games around the world and when played smart can potentially wield good results. The game can seem confusing to new players because of all the numbers and bets you can make, but if you spend ten minutes watching the game you’ll understand that it isn’t as difficult as most perceive the game. If you’re thinking about playing craps then I suggest going through these tips below so you can implement them into your game.

  1. * Not everyone bets on the pass line and it’s frankly your decision as to whether or not you’re going to play it. If you are a player who does play the pass line though you need to make sure that you make the follow up bet behind it as it pays more.
  2. * Typically when you’re starting a new round at DoylesRoom, and the point has just been set you should lay off one roll until buying numbers. Quite a number of the time you’ll find that a 7 is rolled immediately after the point is set and if not it will last a while.
  3. * The number one rule to follow when you’re playing craps is to follow your gut instinct. There are no set strategies you can follow to improve your chances at playing, but you should always follow your gut because it could save you a lot of money.
  4. * When the point is on an even number you should always put some money on the hardway to be rolled. If the hardway isn’t rolled and you only win the point you should have some profit, but if the hardway hits they pay 7:1 and 9:1 which will increase your bankroll nicely.
  5. * Make sure you learn the etiquette expected when playing at a craps table. It’s one game where you don’t want to upset the players because they can be really cranky people. They also don’t like it when a new player breaks any unwritten rules like mentioning a 7 being rolled or something of this nature. If you don’t want to be centered out then you need to make sure you learn the proper etiquette quickly.
  6. * It’s recommended that when you bet on numbers at PokerStar you do same bet for the first couple rolls so you can make some money on the roll. After that stage you can start increasing the size of the bet on the numbers being rolled if the roller is hot. You don’t want to miss profits, but you also don’t want to increase your bets right away before you collect any money back. Always break even for the round before you start looking at increasing the size of your bets.
  7. * When the table is cold it will usually stay this way for a little while and you should either take a break of find a new table for a bit. When the table is hot it will usually stay hot and make you a few hundred or thousand dollars. Don’t be afraid to stand back and watch the table for a few rolls when it’s cold to see if anything changes before spending more money.

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