Nine Player SG Strategy

Nine player sit and go tournaments at TitanPoker are still the most popular tournament style played online in the online poker rooms. The top three players win money in these tournaments which is a 33% chance of winning money and is one of the best percentages of winning money in a poker tournament apart from double-up tournaments. When you’re playing in a nine player sit and go tournament you need to change your strategy up a little bit because it isn’t the same as playing a cash game.

* In a sit and go tournament you need patience as your number one skill. There will be hands which look good like top two pairs or something similar, but it’s these big folds which could save you your tournament. If a player is all-in and you have a gut feeling that the player has you beat then go with that feeling because it will be right 80% of the time. You don’t want to throw away your tournament when you feel you’re beat so be willing to fold your hand if you don’t feel like it’s the best.

* The early stage of a sit and go tournament on Absolute Poker of this size is the best time to play hands and try to make something. The blinds are low and you should be able to see a lot of flops for cheap so when you have connectors or suited cards play them in the early stages in case you hit a straight or flush. If you don’t hit anything then you can fold after the flop and it won’t cost you many chips, but if it hits it can pay off huge so it’s worth playing a lot of hands early.

* When the blinds start going up you need to start limiting the amount of hands you play because you won’t be able to keep giving away $50-$100 in chips for blinds to try and hit. You’ll need to wait for your premium hands when the blinds are up and you’ll also need to work in a couple bluffs to keep up with the chip leaders. has iPhone roulette, so make sure to use the right strategy to win.

* If you’re the chip leader in the game don’t feel that you need to be the one to make the small stacks go all-in by raising every pot. If you lose the hand then you’re going to risk your lead and there is no reason to do anything risky like that until there is only three players left in the tournament. Keep your chips and ever once in awhile raise the middle stacks blinds and steal them so you aren’t losing your blinds every time around the table.

* in order to make money playing roulette online these tournaments on Ultimate Bet Poker you need to be fairly consistent and cash at least once every three times. If you don’t then you aren’t going to be a winning player so you need to play consistently and if you start losing you need to take a break and regroup. It happens to the best of poker players and you can’t continue losing when you’re not confident in your game

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Golden Online Casino Bonus Guide

Every single online casino, including Golden Casino, has a bonus program for there players and the reason they all give out bonuses to new players is because they want to retain you as a loyal customer. By offering you with a bonus they are welcoming you to there community and wishing that you make it a long stay. Now some of the online casinos use different bonus structures and although they all are beneficial its important to be able to decipher between the bonuses. Were going to take a look at the different online bonuses that are offered by the online casinos out there.

  • The most common bonus structure is the sign-up bonus or welcome bonus which is simply a match bonus of your first deposit. The size of the bonus will be dependant of the casino you choose so ideally you want to shop around and find an online casino which offers the biggest sign-up bonus. Typically youll receive this bonus when you make your deposit, but before you can withdraw the bonus you need to play through the requirements set forth by the casino that youre playing in.
  • The next bonus well look at is the no deposit bonus which is very common nowadays and it seems all new online casinos offer this bonus. A no deposit bonus is a bonus given to players who register an account so that they can test out the games will a small amount of real money. Every casino will have requirements which you need to meet before youre able to move the money you win into your real money account. Youll also usually need to make a deposit into the casino if you would like to keep the money you have earned while playing.
  • Recently with the competition becoming stiffer at Golden Palace some of the online casinos have started offering lifetime bonus programs for new players. These bonus programs allow the player to receive match bonuses on every deposit they make into the online casino. The match bonus isnt typically a full 100%, but youd be surprised what type of bonuses are out there and you should keep you eyes open for this type of bonus structure. The plan isnt to be depositing much when you gamble online, but its still the best bonus program out there because youll no doubt be depositing more then once in your lifetime.
  • Some online casinos have special bonuses which differ based on the casino. Some casinos will offer a percentage of your deposit as a bonus if you use certain payment methods to send your deposit. Certain payment options like NetTeller and Moneybookers will often get you a bonus on your deposit of 10-30%. Not all online casinos offer this type of bonus, but if you find a casino which does and you like the casino then its just more money in your pocket which isnt something you should complain about.

As you can see online casinos offer players a lot of perks in order to try and get them to become loyal players to that casino. Shop around and make sure you find the best bonus program out there for you, Im sure youll be able too find something in no time.

Playing in a Live Casino versus an Online Casino

When you compare playing in a land based casino such as The Borgata and an online casino there are quite a few differences between the two which means that there will be reasons why you would want to play either one. In a land based casino you’ll be able to experience a lot more then you could at an online casino, but playing in an online casino can also offer a lot of benefits. We’re going to go through some of the differences between playing in a land based casino versus an online casino so you can make the decision which one will work better for you.

* When you’re playing in a live casino you get to experience the atmosphere of the casino with the bright lights, loud noises and lots of people gambling. This experience is a lot fun every once in awhile and you won’t be able to experience this at an online casino which is why the land based casino is the only choice when you’re looking to party while gambling.

* Most people don’t live near casinos so they need to stay at a hotel and make it a little trip in order to play at a land based casino. These extra expenses can hurt you if you lose money at the casino which is why the ability to play in an online casino from home can be better. If you’re just looking to make some money and you don’t care about the atmosphere at a land based casino then you should play online because there is no other expenses except the money you gamble with.

* A lot of the online slots casinos have point programs where you can earn free money and small prizes for playing a lot, but land based casinos offer much better comp programs. You’ll be able to earn free hotel rooms, free restaurant vouchers plus many other prizes. If you’re into receiving comps from playing then the better option is to play in a land based casino.

* When you play online you can decide to play anytime you want and it will only take minutes to begin playing whereas if you want to play at a land based casino you’ll need to plan it typically unless you have a casino nearby. You can also play in your pyjamas from home and don’t need to get all dressed up.

Playing in a land based casino is definitely something you need to experience and it’s actually fun every month or so, but going to much will become boring for most people. Online casinos offer you the chance to play only when you have the time and urge to play so it’s much more convenient. You can just keep some money loaded on your online casino account and that way you can sign in anytime to play some games. The quality of online games has gotten a lot better over the years and you’ll have fun playing online especially if you decide to play in a casino where you can play live games. Some online casinos use webcams to offer live games with real dealers where you can communicate with all the players on the table in a chat screen making it a lot more fun.

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Low Stakes NL Texas Holdem Strategy

Most poker players at Full Tilt will find themselves playing low limit tables such as $1/$2 poker games. I feel that it’s important for poker players to understand that there should be differences in your strategy based on what limits you’re playing on. When you’re playing on a low stakes Holdem table there will be some things you can get away with that you wouldn’t on high stakes tables as well as vice versa. Today we’re going to look at some strategy you can implement into your poker game to assist you at owning the low limit Holdem tables next time you play online or at the casino.

* A lot of poker players at the low limit tables are beginners to the game of poker and thus won’t be ready to make the big decisions. You can steal a lot of pots on the low limit tables and although they won’t be for too much if you steal enough of them it’ll add up. You also need to know when you’re beat though and generally if someone calls your bet you should fold unless you have a hand this time, but if you’re just stealing the pot don’t keep chasing and firing out bullets.

* You’ll be able to open up your hand selection when playing on low limit tables as well because the blinds are so low it’s worth calling some marginal hands in hopes of hitting. If you have suited connectors then you have quite a few options that you could hit to make your hand so it’s worth calling the $2 to see if you can hit a flush or straight.

* When an opponent is betting out big in a Texas Holdem game then they most likely have a hand and are just trying to make it look like a bluff. This is especially true if the opponent in question isn’t known to steal pots and bluff pots. This is why it’s important to watch how your opponents are playing. You need to be able to determine who bluffs and who doesn’t so you’ll have a better shot at determining whether or not you’re being bluffed.

* If you have a premium starting hand then you need to play it that way in low limit poker or else you’re asking for trouble. You need to raise the pot to at least three times the big blind so that you get all the garbage hands out of the way. Most of the time you’ll get at least two callers on such a small raise and you won’t need to worry about as many opponents. When you slow play big hands and the board is all low you could lose to the small or big blind easily to a straight or two pair.

* You’ll want to be willing to chase high straights and flushes on the Download website when you can on low limit tables and this is probably where you’ll make most of your money. If you hit the draw on the river you’ll usually get paid off nicely and on low limit tables you should be able to keep the pot low enough to make it worth chasing the flush.